Is counselling right for you? If you or a family member have been dealing with anxiety, depression, a life transition, or just want to make sense of the past and how it affects the present –  you may find counselling helpful.

I am interested in the holistic integration of emotions, thoughts and behaviours – I take a non-judgmental, developmental approach to understanding the origins of emotional pain. I utilize a strengths-based approach to therapy and can assist you to better understand yourself and make positive, growth-enhancing changes in your life. My style is direct and personable and I view each client as a key resource and collaborator in the course of their treatment and growth.

I am currently providing phone, video and in person counselling sessions. Phone and online counselling is especially useful for people who may not otherwise want to make an appointment for face-to-face therapy in an office. There are many reasons for this, including: difficulty in scheduling the time, stigma attached to going to an office of a therapist, shyness, no local treatment available in the area, travel, privacy, and convenience.